ASC Vote: January 25th, 2024

Here are the final Ascension vote totals for Jan. 25th – Jan. 27th, 2024. AAG (Silver) and AAU (Gold) took the top spots on the vote with 30.71% and 30.07%.  ARK, RPR, and XQK followed closely behind in 3rd, 4th, and 5th places. There were a total of 313 unique votes for this event.

AAG 30.71%
16,578,906 Votes
AAU 30.07%
16,232,405 Votes
ARK 12.33%
6,654,289 Votes
Reaper 10.44%
5,637,162 Votes
XQK 4.62%
2,496,407 Votes
wBTC 3.64%
1,963,623 Votes
BOX 2.12%
1,143,597 Votes
Xoge 1.79%
964,079 Votes
StaykX 1.33%
720,580 Votes
Treasury 0.90%
487,525 Votes
Schmeckles 0.59%
320,572 Votes
Ascension 0.58%
310,655 Votes
xSTIK 0.50%
267,443 Votes
wLTC 0.20%
107,784 Votes
wETH 0.19%
102,498 Votes
SOLO 0.00%
0 Votes
CORE 0.00%
0 Votes

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: rP4w79SUozyfwj4sTCBmvKWwEfYaN3v87M

Ascension Bullion Breakdown

Total funds towards all bullion for this voting period was 3233.22 XRP ($1713.60 USD at time of event).  The 10% makers fee was 323 XRP and sent to an Ascension Mint operations wallet. AAU/AAG tokens will be minted and distributed after physical bullion has been received and processed. Unspent funds will go into a holding wallet per asset, to be pooled with the next Ascension bullion funds.

FundingXRP ValueUSD ValueQty Purchased
AAU (Gold)1439.59$762.9810 grams
AAG (Silver)1470.32$779.2726 ounces
Mint Fee323$171.35N/A

Clint Boerner