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Jan 31, 2024:

Phase III of Ascension is LIVE! Our first precious metal order was received today which will back the AAU & AAG tokens. The initial AAU and AAG tokens were minted and distributed to ASC token holders who had the trustline set for the Jan. 27th Ascension event.  Check out the latest Ascension Vote summary Blog to see a breakdown of the bullion funding and all voting results: Ascension Vote Jan 25th

Jan 12, 2024:

Phase III of Ascension will launch on January 27th, the 33rd Ascent.  ASC token holders will be able to vote on and earn Gold and Silver tokens (AAG / AAU) as part of the RAIN rewards, which will be fully backed 1 token : 1 ounce bullion and fully redeemable**.  Be sure to get your trustlines set (See RAIN Tokens) and read more about our groundbreaking bullion offerings here: Ascension Bullion

**Customer will be responsible for shipping, handling, and insurance

Dec 7, 2023: 

Ascension Mint is now live. 24hr-Early Access to purchase our very first 1 oz. .999 silver Collectible is live Friday December 8, 2023 at 12pm ET for Ascension Genesis NFT holders, and Public Sale is live Saturday December 9, 2023 at 12pm ET!!! To Pre-Register for Early Access please email

Nov 9, 2023: 

Ascension Mint is building and testing our online shop, as we prepare to launch our first physical bullion retail product.