ASC Vote: Sept 7th, 2023

Here are the final ascension vote totals for Sept 7th to Sept 9th, 2023. ARK won the vote with 24.59%. Reaper came in 2nd place with 19.60% of the vote and wETH finished in 3rd place with 12.79%.

ARK 24.59%
9,984,832 Votes
Reaper 19.60%
7,955,537 Votes
wETH 12.79%
5,191,515 Votes
wBTC 11.71%
4,756,175 Votes
xSTIK 6.60%
2,680,513 Votes
wLTC 6.49%
2,633,014 Votes
StaykX 5.66%
2,298,582 Votes
Ascension 5.24%
2,129,313 Votes
Schmeckles 3.44%
1,394,679 Votes
Xoge 3.26%
1,321,719 Votes
Treasury 0.53%
213,599 Votes
XRPayNet 0.08%
31,226 Votes
Editions 0.02%
8,573 Votes
FSE 0.00%
0 Votes
XQK 0.00%
0 Votes
XRDoge 0.00%
0 Votes

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: rP4w79SUozyfwj4sTCBmvKWwEfYaN3v87M

Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper is the CTO and Owner of a web design company. Jason has over 15 years of experience in web development, web design, and online marketing. He has built and launched various successful online services with a focus on the financial sector. His wide breadth of knowledge in coding languages, marketing, business, and strategic partnership development gives him a unique edge making him a perfect fit to develop The Reaper.

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